The Art of Elizabeth Durack
Foreword Robert Holmes â Court, Introduction P∆ Hutchings, Letter and text Elizabeth Durack,The Western Mail, Perth, 1981 reprinted by Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1982


True North — The Story of Mary and Elizabeth Durack
Brenda Niall, Text Publishing, Melbourne, 2012


Reinvent... how I re-invented myself in my 80th year
mss c. 180,000 words 1995-2000
The Time of Our Lives
mss c. 80,000 words 1985
The Young Know (with Mary Durack)
mss c. 75,000 words 1942-3


The Art of Eddie Burrup
a voice of the artist, mss c. 7,000 words 1995-6
The Survivor
a voice from Echo Springs, mss c. 20,000 words 1983
The Drawer
a voice from Bethesda Hospital, mss c. 3,000 words 1980
The American Connection
a voice from central Manhattan, mss c. 8,000 words 1978
(extracts appeared in Quadrant magazine Jan-Feb 1982)
Lovu’ for President
a voice from central Africa, mss c. 45,000 words 1972
A Province of the Union
a voice from South Africa, mss c. 2,000 words 1966
a voice of the artist, mss c. 3,500 words 1948


We do it for kicks — the road through the centre
mss c. 40,000 words 1982
Seeing — through Indonesia, An Artistís impressions of the Republic
The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, 1977
Seeing — through Nigeria, An Artistís impressions
mss c. 30,000 words 1972
Seeing — through the Philippines, An artistís impressions of the Islands
The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, 1971
Seeing — through Papua New Guinea, An artistís impressions of the Territory
The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, 1970
Face Value: Women of Papua New Guinea
Ure Smith, Sydney, 1969
Seeing — through New York, An artistís impressions of Manhattan
mss c. 20,000 words 1967
Right Angle, by train from Alice Springs to Perth
mss c. 1,000 1948

co-productions with mary durack

Kookanoo & Kangaroo
Rigby, Adelaide, 1963
Sleepy the Lizard
mss 1955
Clarrie the Crocodile
mss 1954
Star of Darkness
mss 1945
The Magic Trumpet
Cassells, Melbourne, 1943
The Young Know
mss 1942-3
The Way of the Whirlwind
Consolidated Press, Sydney, 1941
A Book of Picture Stories
Imperial Press, Perth, n.d. c. 1943
Offset Printing Co., Sydney, n.d. c. 1940
Son of Djaro
RS Sampson, Perth, 1940
Chunuma, Little-bit king
The Bulletin, Sydney, 1936
All-about — the story of a black community on Argyle Station, Kimberley
The Bulletin, Sydney, 1935
Kookaburra & Kangaroo
monthly magazine c. 1924Ė8

books: written + designed

The Art of Elizabeth Durack
Foreword Robert Holmes â Court, Introduction PAE Hutchings, Letter and text Elizabeth Durack, The Western Mail, Perth 1981 repr. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1982
Countries of the Indian Ocean
Direct Publications, Perth, 1979
The House that Took Off
mss 1963
I'll tell you about Kar & Karr
mss 1952
The Tail of the Crocodile
mss 1940

essays + reflections [selected]

Confess & Conceal
on political correctness in the art world... mss April 1993 + January 1995
Artes Australis Percepta
an overview, mss 1988
Perth in the 1940's
Fremantle Arts Review, Vol 2 #6 June 1987
(a longer draft, The Way of the Whirlwind... in mss)
...I am, I think, a metaphysical artist...
to Melbourne critics, a letter not sent 1961
Shearing: Its Practice & Poetry
an essay accompanying a series of drawings 1960
Perth in Particular
an essay accompanying a series of drawings 1956
Hate Hocus-Pocus on Love Magic
a reflection on Sydney critics reviews, mss 1954
The Mission
reflections on Cunderlee Mission, ex Zanthus, Nullarbor Plain, mss 1953
reflections on art, Ivanhoe Station, Kimberley WA, mss 1948

articles + reviews [selected]

The way it was ... in Kimberley
The Australian, Torchsong, May 2000
Instant Books You Donít Even Have To Write!
Quadrant, December 1987 No 240 Vol XXXI, No 12. Review of The Matriarchs - Twelve Australian Women talk about their lives to Susan Mitchell. Penguin Books, Australia Ltd 1987
'Chunuma' Strides Out Again
Quadrant, October 1987 No 238 Vol XXXI, No 10. Review of Countrymen - life histories of four Aboriginal men as told to Bruce Shaw. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra 1987
Quadrant, July 1987 No 235 Vol XXXI, No 7. Review of Frontier - Aborigines, Settlers and Land by Henry Reynolds, Allen & Unwin 1987
Albert Namatjira
Quadrant, November 1986 No 228 Vol XXX, No 11. A Memoir and review of Albert Namatjira Ė The Life and Work of an Australian Painter Compiled and edited by Nadine Amadio, Macmillan Australia 1985
The Best of Bates
Quadrant, June 1986 No 223 Vol XXX, No 6. Review of The Native Tribes of Western Australia edited by Isobel White, National Library of Australia, Canberra 1985
Land Wrongs
Quadrant, January-February 1985 No 208 Vol XXIX, Nos 1 and 2. Part review, part general comment on Neither Justice nor Reason by Marc Gumbert; University of Queensland Press 1984.
Aboriginal Life
Quadrant, October 1984 No 205 Vol XXVIII, No 10. Review of Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River by J.G. Steele; University of Queensland Press 1984
Aboriginal Woman, Sacred and Profane
Quadrant, May 1984 No 200 Vol XXVIII, No 5. Review of Daughters of the Dreaming by Diane Bell. McPhee Gribble/George Allen & Unwin, Melbourne 1983
Australiaís Third World
Quadrant, April 1984 No 199 Vol XXVIII, No 4. This article was written under the nom de plume Tad Zakrovsky
The American Connection
Quadrant, January-February 1982 No 172 Vol XXVI, Nos 1 and 2
Art in New York
The Australian, January 18 1979
Notes from South Africa
Quadrant, December 1975 No 101 Vol XIX, No 9
Whatís Wrong with the North West? (in two parts)
The Sydney Morning Herald, May 4 1963
White Energy; Black Inertia
The Sydney Morning Herald, February 24 1962

public talks [selected]

1997 July 27 - Opening The Art of Eddie Burrup
Durack Gallery Broome
1996 Apr 17 - The Occasional Address
Graduation Ceremony at UWA
1994 July 17 - Opening Arielís Song: Audrey Greenhalgh retrospective
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery UWA
1994 June 10 - Rural Woman of the Year Inaugural Awards
Sheraton Hotel Perth
1994 May 1 - Opening of Nutcote: May Gibbs Home
Neutral Bay, Sydney
1992 Sep 25 - Opening Louis Kahan
Art Gallery of Western Australia
1991 Sep 13 - Opening Annual Guide Dogs for the Blind exhibition
Concert Hall Perth
1987 January - Bett-Bett's wonderful lonely palace
UWA Summer School
+ 32 more


1940s through 1990s
falls loosely into five groupings:
  1. The ladder tips...
  2. These four walls
  3. Questions and answers
  4. To——
  5. Blaze blue giant!

(from a folder marked 'verse & worse' of hand and type written pages
first assembled by padc july 2010)

diaries + day books

intermittent from 1937 to 2000


letters various + voluminous, from 1925 to 2000